Construction approach

At BELPROM, we understand that quality execution is a prerequisite for a peaceful life. That is why it sits at the core of our construction approach, providing our occupants with comfort, security, low operating costs, long building life and an attractive vision over time.

Here we would like to introduce you to some of the main components of residential development that allow us to create a safe and functional home.



The construction of our buildings is monolithic, beamless with reinforced concrete. It consists of a load-bearing foundation plate, in some cases of strip and single foundations, vertical elements, namely reinforced concrete columns and washers, which absorb horizontal impacts and vertical loads, as well as beamless floor structures.


We build all external enclosing walls from energy-efficient and ecological ceramic blocks with a thickness of 25 cm, guaranteeing durability and a healthy microclimate for the home for our residents. For the internal walls, we rely on ceramic blocks with a thickness of 12.5 cm. We only work with industry leaders such as Wienerberger.

Thermal insulation

We build an effective integrated thermal insulation system with materials from proven industry leaders such as Henkel and Baumit. The system consists of EPS (styrofoam) plates attached by gluing and doweling to the exterior building walls, laying a reinforcing fiberglass mesh and applying two coats of putty.

The final coating, protecting the system from atmospheric influences and giving the building an aesthetic finish, is structural plaster. We anticipate the necessary thermal insulation solutions with XPS (known as "FIBRAN") or stone wool on the roof slopes, as well as in the areas of the horizontal slabs above habitable rooms.


We rely on PVC or aluminum windows with five or more cameras, guaranteeing our customers good energy efficiency, peace and quiet.

The glazing is triple-glazed, with low-emission (K) glass on the inside, which allows the suns’ rays to pass inside the room and prevent thermal energy from leaving it in winter, white glass in the middle, and low-energy glass (four seasons) on the outside to reduce transmission of UV rays and heat in the summer.

As with other construction materials, when it comes to joinery, we work with high-quality manufacturers from the class of Kömmerling and Schüco.


To construct the power installation in the buildings, we use bridge wire and distribution boxes laid in the plaster, as well as SVT wire laid in flexible hose or PVC pipes. We install and equip apartment switchboards with fuses and fault current protection.

We install switches and sockets in the apartments, and lighting fixtures in the common areas. We build the low-current installation, consisting of an intercom system and internet wiring for each apartment, using FTP cat 5e wire and fiber optic cable.


We rely on reliable manufacturers with the rank of Orona to guarantee our customers security and a long life of the facility. The elevators have stainless steel automatic doors and a luxurious cabin with a built-in mirror.

Added extras include: an integrated system (Braille) for the disabled, as well as a power failure protection function that allows the elevator to travel to the nearest floor and open doors.