1. How long have you been in the industry and do you have completed buildings?

Belprom ltd. has been active in the field of real estate development, construction and management for over 20 years. At present day, as an investor, we have completed:

residential building: Apostol Karamitev 16
residential building: Petar Goranov 645
office building: Byalo Pole 3
residential building: Asen Raztsvetnikov 7A
residential building: Mladost 1, Block 61D
residential building: 8th December

2. Are the homes you build suitable for investment?

Our construction approach provides our residents with comfort, security, low operating costs, long building life and attractive vision over time. All these are prerequisites for an excellent investment in the field of real estate.

3. How is the area of a property calculated?

When we look at the area of a home, there are three main areas that we pay attention to - built area, light area and total area.

Built area – it includes the areas of the rooms, balconies and terraces, as well as the internal walls that separate the rooms from each other. Also included are 1/2 of the thickness of the walls that separate the property from neighbouring properties, common areas such as corridors and stairwells, and 1/2 of exterior walls that do not have windows. If the outer walls have windows or balconies, their square footage is fully included in the area of the property.

Light area – although not a commonly used term, the light area is measured from wall to wall, NOT including walls, columns and beams.

Total area – represents the sum of the built area of the apartment and the corresponding percentage of common areas.

The common areas in the building are by their nature of such essential importance to the building that without them it objectively cannot exist. These are: foundations, external walls, internal dividing walls between separate sections, internal load-bearing walls, columns, beams, stairs, corridors, roofs, chimneys, external entrance doors of the building, main lines of all types of installations and their central devices, elevators, drain pipes and so on.

The common parts connect the properties belonging to the different owners in architectural and construction terms, or they are such parts that ensure the use of these properties. These parts do not have an independent character and their purpose for common use is the reason to establish co-ownership over them.

4. Are changes in the interior layout of the apartment possible while it is being built?

Our goal is for the layouts to be as functional as possible, but at the same time we understand that sometimes our customers would like to further customize their home. If the project allows for such changes to be made, we can make it happen.

5. What is the level of completion of the apartments?

Each apartment is built and handed over according to the Bulgarian State Standard (BSS), namely: floor covering of cement screed; gypsum plaster walls and ceilings with built-in aluminum corners and gypsum putty; balconies finished with cold-resistant granite tiles, aluminum railings and lighting fixtures. We also install front doors with hardware; switches and sockets; wall sockets for TV and Internet; aluminum radiators and pipes; we provide a built installation for the installation of air conditioners; we build a gas or other heating installation depending on the individual project.

You can find detailed information about the degree of completion of all elements of the building on the individual page of the project that you are interested in.

6. Sofia is an earthquake zone. How secure is my home?

All BELPROM buildings are insured for seismicity IX on the Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale. In our buildings, we use vertical load-bearing structures such as washers and frames. These elements absorb the horizontal impacts, which predominantly happen to be earthquakes. On the other hand, the common foundation slab eliminates the possibility of sagging as well as possible cracks on the walls. Regarding the concrete, we use the well-established and widely recognized in the construction industry - concrete B25.

7. Can you provide assistance with the mortgage?

Yes. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with Post Bank, we have the opportunity to provide our customers with preferential mortgage rates.

8. Can I get copies of the architectural plan and other building specifications?

Yes, of course! Send us an email at sales@belprom.bg and our team will provide you with the desired information as soon as possible.

9. What warranty do I have when I buy a property in a newly constructed BELPROM building?

From BELPROM we provide our customers with:

  • 10-year warranty on newly completed building structures and facilities;
  • 7-year guarantee of internal insulation in a non-aggressive environment, including: waterproofing, thermal insulation, sound insulation and anti-corrosion;
  • 5-year warranty on all types of construction, installation and finishing works
10. What is the purpose of the preliminary contract?

The signing of a preliminary contract serves to confirm the intentions of both parties, as well as to protect their interests.

The preliminary contract can be viewed as a schedule that indicates how and when the property in question will be transferred over to the buyer and what are the necessary steps and procedures for its notarial acquisition. It contains clauses that explicitly state the subject of the contract, the price, the terms and conditions of payment, as well as other applicable clauses such as penalties for late payments or termination of the contract by either party.

It is important to mention that ownership of the property is transferred when a final contract is signed before a notary.

11. What taxes and fees do I owe when buying a property?

When acquiring real estate, you must take into account the local tax that you need to pay. Its amount for the city of Sofia as of August 2023 is 3% of the selling price of the property.

Also, when acquiring property, a notary fee is due, which is calculated based on the sale price of the property and according to the tariff of the notary, facilitating the transaction.

12. How much do the services of an agent cost?

You can expect to pay between 2-4% of the property's sale price as a commission to an agent. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and purchase a home without commission.

13. How do I arrange for a viewing?

Please use the inquiry form or contact us directly at:

Phone 0888778887 / 0885119781                           

Email sales@belprom.bg


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